Uthar - The Paladin of Torm



The party first encountered The Paladin of Torm during their adventure into the Vault of Broken Lords, where a fountain was discovered that emitted a water with magical properties.

The good Paladin had rationalized forcefully binding followers to his own will as the will of Torm!

“Evil can stand no ground in the face of unwavering loyalty”

But do the ends justify the means? The party caused Uthar to question his intentions. Where is the righteousness in dominating the free will of man? The validity of the argument was recognized, but not yet accepted.

Uthar explained that accessing the vault required passing the manifested challenges of his own inner-self. A test he believed to be divine.

A holy pact was made between Uthar & the party Cleric. Should the heroes succeed in accessing the vault themselves, the powers within would be conceded to them, and Uthar would accept that his belief in himself as the chosen ruler was misguided.

Uthar - The Paladin of Torm

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